This is the last collection of my travel friendly edition which I categorized it as a medication products. Well, I love anything that is small in size so mediction has to be in that size also hahaha by medication I meant hand sanitizer, mini wipes tissues, oil and health cream and many more. It can be viewed in the picture below. I tend to feel sick so easily especially around my stomach area. Thus, I need to bring balm (tiger balm) and "minyak cap singa" everywhere I go. I cannot go through my day without having it with me. I always have this collection in my bag. Always.

I remember there was one time where I feel so dizzy and my stomach hurt really bad. It was so painful and I cannot move around. Worst is, I was driving during that time and none of the oils were with me. I forgot to bring it. I switched my bag because I have to use smaller bag and I forgot to put it inside the new bag. As I stated on my previous post, I love buying small things at Seven Eleven so during that time I went to Seven Eleven to buy the oils. I had to bear the pain and drive slowly until I reached Seven Eleven. I felt the pain when I was stuck at traffic congestion at Jalan Tun Razak and I drove all the way from Jalan Tun Razak to Seven Eleven Kg Baru and if you are wondering, yes I was driving alone during that time :')

Because of that incident, I always double, triple check my bag (if I switch to another bag) before I step out of the home. I do not want to face the painful incident again and again. I will make sure all of my medication products especially those oils and balm are inside my bag. I am not the only one who is going to make sure everything inside my bag, but my family and boyfriend also will keep remind me about those medication hahaha anyway all of these products were bought at Seven Eleven, Guardian and Watsons. The price range was between RM5-15.